When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Like Night & Day

I took the med yesterday morning, and this morning I'm like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. Frikkin' bluebirds were swirling around me, helping me make up my bed, for frak's sake. I'm all, "The HIIIIIIIILLS are aliiiive...!!"

Dude. Meds. It's what's fer dinner!

Mind you, these lil' babies are time-release meds, so taking them in the AM apparently triggers the "Woo!" Effect by the AM of the next day.

However, now at work, having eaten my bagel and yummy walnut & raisin cream cheese (where in the parking lot of the bagel store, I watched two suburban goddesses back into each other as they rushed out of their spots to get to their Pilates classes, or where the hell ever they were going. I'm ever so slightly bitter against this town where I bought the bagel because it is where I had the accident--um, wait, I mean where a pregnant suburban goddess ran into ME. And may I just say my insurance company STILL has not reimbursed me yet?) I am slightly groggy. I have a ton of paperwork to do, so I'm sitting at my laptop, and I did complete two documents, (out of 16--at this particular site alone) but my muscles feel like they want to either jump out of my skin and go for a 3-mile sprint, or lay the hell back down and be let back to sleep. I would prefer the latter.

What isn't helping is the fact that tomorrow is another legitimate holiday, and again, I have a clean plate--no day job, no counseling center clients, no NOTHIN'. SWEET. And then on Saturday, more of the same. Except that MFTD invited me up to his CT digs to watch the Will Smith superhero (?) movie, and hang out with him all day since his wife and baby is visiting her folks in the country's middle for the holiday. So this day cannot end nearly fast enough.

And I came here to bolg about it because blogging always seems to wake me up.



Tera said...

I heard that said "Will Smith Superhero Movie," which I belive is named "Hancock" is really, REALLY good--let me know if you like it!!

GrizzBabe said...

I'll have what he's having.

Danielle said...

what are these meds your taking??? Did you get my email about Labor Day?

SolarisGal said...


You lost me at "Bagel and yummy walnut & raisin cream cheese" - I literally heard my stomach growl and it's now 12 midnight!