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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Professional Life

Let me ask a question--would you guys put a link in your blog that led to your professional bio at a workplace website? I dunno if that would make me a little too vulnerable, what with the workplace address on the site, and my name and picture...

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Vi said...

No I wouldn't put the link your work. You could always start up another blog to do that, posting things you think will help your clients?

Nice photo btw!

fringes said...

Never never never link personal and work sites. Never. Never.

Like Vi says, link to another professional site that you can write yourself. Like a professional blog. Not your personal blog. Ever.

Alan said...

And this from Childhood Bud; "pretty much a no-no given the personal content on your blog.
Links go two ways..."

So ... the answer would be a 'No' then? lol

I'm glad I asked. Don't lets tell anyone how close I came to doing it, mmkay?

SolarisGal said...

How handsome the pictures, Alan!

I agree with Vi and Fringes. I know of a lawyer who got fired because of his blog

It would be an excellent idea to start up a new blog (far away from this one lol), where you can provide professional advice - and just stick to topics regarding your practice.

Gyuss Baaltar said...

I take extra effort to make sure my Blog doesn't link back to my real name or life.

I interview new hires as a part of my job, and I follow any clues in their resumes to blogs, myspace pages etc. If it's not on their resume, I don't hunt it down, but if it links or googles back to them, it's fair game.

Clarissa said...

Of course I had to click on the headshot! And yes, it is lifesize!

akakarma said...

Love the pix but unequivacal(sp) NO!!!

GrizzBabe said...

I live in fear that I may one day be "dooced" because of my blog. In my case, that would probably be a good thing.