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Friday, February 15, 2008

Circle of Life

Walking to my car tonight, I was reflecting on, y'know ... stuff. I was in the afterglow of my client's words tonight as I terminated our sessions together. He said, "Could I recommend you to some of my co-workers? I told them I was seeing a therapist and they said they needed to see one too."

When I told him I was available, he said, "Well ... would you be this good with a woman client?"

I had to laugh. I told him I was glad he thought I was good, and fortunately since I also have a female client with whom some good work was done, I could truly tell him, "Yes. I do the same work with women."

And on the mile-long trip back to where I parked my car (because I'm rushed between 5 and 6pm, racing into New York from the day job, I just park it legally closest to midtown and take the subway the rest of the way. At night when I'm done, I have the luxury of walking back to the car--which I do because it's New York City at night. It's magic.)

Anyway, I'm walking and thinking and realizing that my life is not so bad after all, even though it's Valentineless Day. I generously give smiles to those who make eye contact. I think nothing rancorous about the couples hand-in-handing past me. In fact, I wonder where they have just come from or where they're headed. Like Karnak The Magician, I could see a bed in their near future or immediate past.

Lots of oochin' and ahhin' going on tonight, I jibe with my inner voice. I look up to the lighted windows towering above Broadway and think, "Y'alls nekkid right nowww...! All sortsa kissin' and a' lickin' and a' rubbin' and a' massagin' going DOWN right now, baby, YEAH!"

And I wonder how many babies are getting started at that very moment. Whimsically I stretch out my fingers and count when these little sprogs are going to slide into our world later this year.

February. March. April. 4, 5, 6, 7 ... 8 ... o sh!t.


Babies made on Valentine's Day get born on the average in October.



You have got to be fookin' KIDDING me.


fringes said...


Alan said...

Yup. My birthday is in the first week of October and it's been freaking me out all day. I mean, I know my mother and father liked each other at one time, but Mom once told me that she actually wanted a child and that was the only reason she stayed in the marriage. Eventually, when she got what she wanted, she made arrangements and got the hell out.

But to think... to THINK that it wasn't just a "let's keep doing it until I get pregnant thing", but a "light the candles, wear your sexy teddy, put on a Nat King Cole record and let's voh-de-oh-doh VALENTINE'S DAY EVENT thing" ...



Just ... NO. It's just so ... I don't even KNOW what it is! IT JUST FEELS LIKE EVERYTHING'S CHANGED!!!!! Like I'm not supposed to be this analytical product of a calculated pregnancy. It's like I'm supposed to be some kind of freewheeling, pot-smoking love child or someth--


akakarma said...

Well, I'm a Libra too! That explains your ferocious urge to merge! A Libra without a partner is like peanut butter without jelly! It sounds like this was an important learning adventure for you- but now I hear you're ready for the rest to begin eh?

GrizzBabe said...

I'm was sort of a love child too. An oops baby. An oops baby created out of wedlock. Two young college kids in love during the sixties. I didn't figure it out until I was old enough to do the math. Quite a shock.

Vi said...

Well, pregnancies actually go for 40 weeks, so valentines babies are actually born in November. I hope that makes you feel better!

Alan said...


MUCH better, THANK you!

Now I can go back to being my brooding, philosophical self...