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Friday, February 29, 2008

Some Exemplary Women

Continuing a "give flowers to the living instead of at their funeral" theme that I've adopted, I'd like to point your attention to a trio of women that moved me this week.

First, Vi. She'd accomplished this before I'd ever 'met' her, and there's a chance that you will miss the actual pictures by the time you read this post, but Vi is the only person I actually communicate with who lost what looks like half her bodyweight and is keeping it off. Not only this, but she used her success to create a weightloss consultation business and is helping others lose their weight as well. This she has done, and is doing, while raising two sons as a single mother. Meanwhile, her energy keeps her blog one of the most vital and active journals of a vibrant and vivacious life that's I've ever read. Before I'd started reading her regularly, Vi suffered the devasting loss of a cherished boyfriend to suicide. I wasn't there when she struggled past what I think would be guilt, depression, loss, and grief unimaginable. But when I 'met' her, she was recovering. Some days high and some days brought low. A few weeks ago, on the year's anniversary of his death, Vi and others planned a celebration of his life, complete with pictures. Now that is some recovery fo' yo' ass. That is what grief recovery looks like, ladies and gentlemen. Vi is an amazing woman and I'm glad to 'know' her.

Second and Thirdly, Fringes and her daughter Jordan. I haven't 'known' fringes that long, but I'm always knocked out by her writing. Her mind is like a steel trap and her use of language is like a massage for the mind. When I hopped onboard her blog, she had already joined with the love of her life, Q, who recognized how amazing she is through her solo blog and makes a 650 mile trip every week to be with her. I also learned that she is raising two kids as well. One of them is a 13 year-old daughter who suffered a brain injury (again way back before I knew anything about her). But recently, Fringes lobbied the doctors to perform a spinal surgery on her daughter that has brought about an improvement in Jordan which, in being described, brought me to tears. You see, in my day job, I work with the developmentally disabled and whereas I never thought I would, I find I adore this population and I work for them to have the best standard of living they can achieve. And that's what Fringes has done for her daughter. It's an example that I'll add to everything I do. But what especially touches me is that Fringes describes a battle with depression that she herself goes through periodically. So how amazing is it, that while she goes through her own struggle, she also has the strength to be a single mom, a working woman, an intelligent and amazing writer, and Jordan's biggest and best advocate? Now that is a mother's love fo' yo' ass!

The world is full of amazing people and it's so rare that we get a chance to actually meet any of them, however briefly or through whatever means. It's my honor to treat you to three more of them.

Oh, and before I go, I can't help but shout out my blogfriend Grizzbabe. Let it be known, high and wide, that I am fully aware that Grizzbabe gots a man.



But if I found another woman like her, who had the spiritual sensibilities as Grizzbabe, the open and welcoming heart like Grizz, the lyrical intelligence that Grizz uses in her blog, and the willingness to uplift and encourage a brother with words of healing and compassion that Grizz has -- I think my life would be complete. Thank you Grizz, for stopping by and taking an interest in This Redeemable Life.


GrizzBabe said...

Awwww, shucks. You're making me blush.

I do believe that's one of the nicests things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you.

Vi said...

aaawwww, sweetie! You brought a tear to my eye reading that! You are totally adorable. It will be a year in 18 days time that AC died. All plans are set for his 'shindig' in the swine bar.


fringes said...

Some lucky girl will snap you up very soon. What a wonderful read. I shall be verklempt for the rest of the weekend. I am extremely touched by your kind words.

Q said...

Alan, I don't know about the mind like a steel trap thing. But she is very smart and the most amazing woman that I have ever met. Luckily I was able to trick her into falling for me and the rest as they say is history.

Cyber D said...

Three cheers for the ladies!

Scott said...

You sure have a way of making people feel appreciated, Alan.