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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Voice Of My Other Hero

Alex Wilson reads a piece of fiction which was given life by an animist who used Second Life.

My first audio project was given the same type of life using another animation platform.

We live in good times to be a creator!


SolarisGal said...

It's very nice - science fiction like - I love it

Do you play, "Second Life"? I started a profile, but due to my video game addiction problem, I had to control myself NOT to continue!

Alan said...

I only play City of Heroes and I haven't done that in ages. Life snatched me up by the roots. Plus, I'm producing the audio series so I already get a bunch of superheroey goodness.

My buddy goes into Second Life a lot, but he keeps causing trouble and getting himself banned. Longtime readers here will know him as Grim Jester. I feel bad for saying this, but his repeated bans prove to me that the trouble I had with him last year was not just me. being oversensitive. The man's a chugging freight train of testosterone, lol!

One of these days we ought to meet up and run from a giant monster or something. Do you know any other NYC bloggers--like Coaster Punchman?

akakarma said...