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Monday, January 7, 2008

This Cultural Life

Lately over the weekends, I've seen some of the movies that I thought I'd never catch up on. I've seen "Notes on a Scandal" and "Little Children". I liked the former better than the latter. Again, lots of exposure to the flaws of characters and you're left simply with the knowledge that they are flawed. No bow-tied endings.

Movies like this always make me introspective. Looking at my flaws and re-evaluating my position on Planet Earth. Would I have done that? Am I just like that? What makes me any different?

To my mind, it becomes a measure of how comfortable we are with our flaws. We might be wrong as a Nazi at a B'nai Brith meeting, but if we believe in ourselves and have the strength to hold our heads up, we can survive. We take that confidence into the world with us. The people we attract stay with us because of it. And thus families are made. Children grow up either adopting or rejecting the flaws of their parents. Thus a new set of flaws are created in a new generation. And on, on and on, on and on and on.

That's on my mind as I reflect about the movies I've watched, and the online conversations I've had lately. Also, as I look at my planner and realize I've been given a 4th client in the midtown counseling center. Previously today I was given client #3, and I went to My Night Job to arrange that night off, Attention Deficit Annie suggested that she should just stop putting me on the schedule until I told her anything differently. I had to agree, of course, because having three clients brought my extra earnings up to what I made from working 24 hours a week at B&N. So this is where I wanted to get to in order to quit. Then later on, I got Client #4. So that's now going to exceed what I made at B&N.

Monetarily, this is excellent. My preparedness to handle these, and the additional clients to come?

Well, I'm flawed. We all are. But the more confidence that I have in myself, and the more I accept my flaws, the more able I will be to help my clients. I think it'll be a matter of helping them correct what they want to correct, and helping them live with and accept the flaws that they cannot change. That should provide a good foundation to handle what else comes down the road. Both for me and them. :D


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

my clients love my flaws. They know I'm human just like them!

fringes said...

Flaws are liberating. Well, acknowledging them is, at least. Congratulations!

akakarma said...

I love this post- it is very confident and wise. Flaws are what make the world go round- we'd all be so boring without them! I agree with fringes completely!

GrizzBabe said...

"I think it'll be a matter of helping them correct what they want to correct, and helping them live with and accept the flaws that they cannot change."

If I could master this, I would be so much happier.