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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This Insomniac Life

I don't usually wake up at 3:30AM and fail to return to sleep, but this morning I have. I've been struggling with a cold all weekend that felt like plague, but I started taking OTC flu remedies Sunday night so I could take the aforementioned new therapy case Monday evening. It worked out well. The Monday case was a married couple! Yes! I do couples therapy! Can you believe that? Shh! Don't tell them about this blog! You'd think the potential of one of them asking me, "What do you do when you have fights with your wife?" would send me running, screaming away from the idea of doing couples therapy. But at the core of the matter, a couple is two people, and I can do therapy with people. I know how to facilitate communication and I can hear where it breaks down. I think I can help couples even when I haven't been able to be part of one. So far.

So I've been spending the last three hours reviewing my blog friends and I have some observations. How did I forget to add SolarisGal to my blogroll? Sorry about that, and oversight corrected. I've even learned that you live in my fair city? Can that be true?

And where's MT_Detroit been? Anybody heard from him? Is he okay? Alex Wilson, My Other Hero, rolled his car a few weeks ago, after sliding on a patch of black ice. Terrifying. Life is too fragile!! The more friends I make, the more chance I have of losing one. I hate that!! So, Mike, dammit, you'd better be okay, buddy. Please.

I'm happy to welcome Fringes and Q to my blogroll. They are both wonderful writers. I can feel a mancrush developing for Q, I'm telling you right now. Dude is cool. And Fringes is cute as a bonus paycheck. Her family is awesome. Heart-tuggers, they are.

Scott made me feel real good lately. I felt a connection come from him that I hoped I hadn't imagined or invented out of my own desperation. It was real nice.

Now here's a little treat I was working up for another post, but since I can't seem to get that one started I'll just plunk it into this one;

"My Night Job; The Movie!"

Taye Diggs as "Our Hero, The Sexy Barista" (that's me)

Scary Spice as "Attention Deficit Annie"

Marshall Mathers in a duo role as "Snapper" AND "Baby Boy"

Laura Prepon as "Red"

Drew Barrymore as "Sexy Minx"

Joan Cusack as "Jabberjaw"

Kevin Peter Hall (pictured at top) as "New Kid"

Corey Johnson (spitting image--in about ten years) as "Gentle Giant"

Lyle Waggoner (shaved bald) as "The Bull"

Paul Mantee as "Carmine Macchiato"

Rene Russo (with black hair) as "Won't Go Away Girl"

Hayden Panetierre (with no makeup and braces) as "Won't Go Away Girl Jr."

Chris Evans (with about 100 lbs added) as "The Linebacker"

and special guest stars,

Brenda Blethyn as "Scullery Maid"


Zooey Deschanel (lighten her hair to 'Brown w/Red Highlights' as she so passionately described when no one except the girls noticed she had dyed it) as "Drama Queen"

To be refreshed as to who these characters are, click on "My Night Job" in the tags below. This current cast is who I've been in the most contact with among a wider cast. I'll miss them in my own special way.


fringes said...

Thanks for adding us and for that wonderful paragraph about us you wrote. What a nice surprise as I popped over for my visit.

Where is your iTunes shuffle post? You promised...

GrizzBabe said...

I'm so excited about this new gig for you. You TOTALLY have what it takes to counsel couples. I have no doubt.

SolarisGal said...

Hey Alan!
Thanks a lot for the blogroll. :)
Yes, I do live in the city! (But only when I'm at work or school lol) Actually, I call home two places: Manhattan, and Montgomery NY (where I spend my weekends and vacations)

Congrats on the couples counseling! I so agree with grizbabe!

Oh, why not send MT an email? - he usually disappears for months! He must have quite some extravagant life there! ;)

Lara Croft said...

What a cool idea on the pictures, i read today eminem has been sick!
oh and he's 35 now, just perfect age for me haha

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

oooo, I love the idea of putting stars in the cast of Blah! Will do that when I've got a chance.

Alan said...

Fringes--My pleasure. Thanks for being clever! Next post, after next, I promise. My internet is out at my apartment lately. I can only check internet from work and Lincoln Center.

Grizz--it's feedback like that that has changed me from fearful blogger to counseling professional. Thank you x 1,000.

Sol--will do.

Lara--I also heard he was tipping the scales at 300 lbs. So you might be surprised at the Eminem you get was not the Eminem you were expecting--! lol!

Vi--I got the idea from Wizard magazine! They always dream cast popular comic magazines with pics of the stars that they think look like the comic characters. Now Hollywood is really doing it. So I found the stars who look most like My Night Job people. Eminem looks more like "Baby Boy" than "Snapper", btw. :-)