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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Nights Ago...

...kind of like a freak snowstorm, I found myself hit with a hanging out at a bar and getting to know new people. All centered on a New York Times Bestelling author. He was in town to do a book reading at the Borders at Columbus Circle, which happens to be where I get my train to go home after a night of therapy. So, as fate would have it, thanks to my new Twittery obsession (see "Twitter; Blue bar above), I was made aware of all his comings, goings, and in-betweenings. Having been aware of him from my Slice of Sci Fi exposure, and the art of podcasters and Do It Yourselfers who have a talent, a microphone, and a dream (and A LOT of energy), I figured to go catch him at his reading (The pictures on the other side of the link is from a reading he did the next day in DC. My NYC people ain't representing on Flick'r, it seems), show my face, and maybe seal a deal to trade promo trailers . But as I introduced myself as the guy on Twitter who 'had to oppose his evil scheme, for I am aligned with a superhero,' he extended an invitation to the after-party at a bar a few blocks away. It wasn't exclusive--he extended it to everyone who he signed for, but it became incumbent on me to say 'yes' because I had decided to be so damn personable.

Yay meds. So after a moment's hesitation, I said, "I don't see why not!"

And off I went alone.

I arrived at the bar and had that New Alan/Old Alan moment. Do I go right in, alone, or do I turn and go home? I'm happy to say those times are growing more and more brief. I went in. Then it was, 1) stand around upstairs on the fringe, or 2) dive in? At that intersection, I stood on the fringe. Yes, our hero failed. I made it inside, the author was not there yet, so I felt like I'd fulfilled my commitment. All I had to do was wait, and if possible, get at the author's elbow and remind him of me. Not hard, right?

But after about fifteen minutes, I was approached by two guys who introduced themselves and swept me right up in the social event. Friendly, outgoing guys who came to enjoy the company and make friends. Thank God for these type of people.

So eventually, the author showed up and made the rounds. Where he went, that portion of the crowd circled. Where he wasn't, the crowd sustained itself with social chatter. "What did YOU like best about his second novel?" "What character do YOU like the best?" And having been just recently added to this culture, I had nothing to really contribute. So I talked about my hobby--the little corner of the internet where I Do It Myself for the entertainment of like-minded folk. And I got appreciated! One guy who was there for the author was a long-time fan of MINE! A listener of the project I produce!! It was astounding!!

And it gave me the courage to meet the author on equal footing. What I wanted to propose to him, I could do as a peer! I could do it confidently! I had a comaparable product that I could interest him in.

And I did! I got his ear more than once and he was more than willing! Credit him with being Geek Like Me, and having more energy than eighteen of us (which is why he is successful in this field), and being willing to do voiceovers for anyone who has a project ... and we have a winnah!

So now I have a new connection and a new creative interest to add to the fine work I enjoy in my "spare time." I'd say it was a great night!

In the next post; Other News...

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GrizzBabe said...

Way to go, Alan!!!

Now, if I could just get some of your chutzpah...