When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Awright Now...!

Check it out. WOO HOO!!

Isn't this, like, an open invitation to go stare? These blokes aren't going to be wearing stained white underwear, man. Either they;ll have on conservative boxers, showing unimpressive, ordinary legs, or there's going to be an AussieBum fashion show!!*whistles innocently*

C'mon, Studslies of New York. Show 'em whatcha made of!


Shades of Scorpio said...

WELL now. I see where the Aussie brevity conversation comes in! Yeeeaahhh....my ex Aussie would not look like this. at all.

Alan said...

You know what, dear Shades--I think MEN are the only one of the two genders who like this look. Women seem like they could hardly give a rats.

Tell me true, Shades. Do those men look good to you at all?

Shades of Scorpio said...

Honestly..it's a mixed bag here. Yes and no. It's not jaw dropping wow for me. I like regular dudes and can fully appreciate toned stuff too but maybe there's a more emo component to it - my father always used to sing about marrying an ugly woman...and after he and my mom split, that's the consensus of what he did. The loyalty thing....these men can come off as vain to me and it would be a huge turn off. BUT...those are indeed, washboard abs. I'm not about that...so you're right - I have no ass of rat to hand over on this one. =)

GrizzBabe said...

I can't keep my eyes from looking downward.

Alan said...

Shades, yup. That matches up with my years of study on the matter. lol. Since men get their (our) jollies from the visual, we actually dig muscles more than women--whether we're straight or gay. Whatever we do with that reaction is up to the individual dude. Get jealous? Get turned on? Get inspired? A mixture of all with a little sprinkle of homophobia to season? Yeah. But for women, muscles seem to indicate something about the man's character and that's what you care about more. You're not getting a visceral WOO!! like (we) men might do with a fabulous set of racks. You're getting a "Is he vain? Is he an angry man? Can he protect me? Would I be safe with him? Would he take care of me--or only himself?" vibe. I dig it.

Grizz, they are packing, aren't they? It's no coincidence, I'm sure. The ad campaign was for speedo-type swimwear, so they wanted their models to make the trunks look good. I can say in all honesty, if those particular men dropped those skivvies, the attraction would be gone for me. They look better in those trunks to me than out of them. Their actual goolies would just look like knobby, dangling appendages. No more attractive than toes, in my humble opinion. :-D

Scott said...

It's like they say in Seinfeld, naked isn't a good look on men, we're utilitarian.