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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You're Going To Laugh

But in my own defense ... ah, I got nothin'. It took me a year and some months before I realized how awesome my roommate situation is. I mean, I knew it was awesome, but let me show you HOW awesome.

If you follow the video to it's true home at YouTube, you will find the write-up will tell you the name of the orchestra leader of this little band here. (Yes it's in Spanish but the name is the same. I will not type it.) Just look at the second man from your left, their right. The one who kind of leads them with his bowstring to start off the piece. That's the guy I rent my room from. If you use his name and the word "orchestra" in a Google search, you will find his webpage.

While he's here in the apartment, he is constantly practicing. Listen to this YouTube of him and his peeps, and imagine that's what I get to hear en solo right down the hall from me.

Awesome sauce.


GrizzBabe said...

Cool beans!

Do you guys hang out together, watch movies, catch dinner? Or is it strictly a business arrangement? Do you have your own bathroom?

Alan said...

Well, it's a kind of business arrangement. But we share the bathroom and are very civil to one another. Friendly even. But no, I haven't asked or been asked to go out to eat with either of them. I've been introduced to one guy's girlfriend when she comes over, and I can see how she responds and would like to wrap me up in a big ol' pow wow, but there's no living room. The only common area is the narrow kitchen (and you can count the bathroom), but those are only areas of function. Three separate lives happening behind three separate bedroom doors.

But for me, that makes it ideal.