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Monday, November 24, 2008

So Last Night...

...I punked out on posting a proper entry because I was on the phone with Grim Jester. I discovered he called me a few times throughout the week but didn't leave a message. He used a different phone so I didn't know it was him. His girlfriend continues in a decline and he continues to attend to her in the hospital daily.

But last night, when he finally got me on the line, he proceeded to ridicule my profession as it would pertain to him. He said "I was feeling a little down about this situation and you know what I told myself? GET OVER IT." This is a jab he's often thrown at me. "GET OVER IT." He has said that's all the therapy many people need.


Mr. Anti-Emo. The thing that aggravates me, though, is that he can be so aggressive with his opinions and disregards other people's feelings on the matter. He does have his moments when he shows blinding empathy and acts on it (like what he's doing for his girlfriend daily, and what he did for me when I got evicted), and I guess that's all I can ask from him.

Plus, he's clearly in an Angry stage of grief, which probably comes to him as easily as ducklings come to mother.

Rrgh. Friends. Life. Rrgh.


Kathleen said...

When I mentioned to a girl at work that I had to leave because I had to go and see my therapist she asked "Physical?" No, mental, I replied. "Oh Kathleen, those people will mess you up." *sigh* And she's honestly one I had thought would have been more open to it.

Alan said...

Yeah, why use therapy when there's so much alcohol, drugs, gambling, and risky sex out there to take our minds off our troubles? LOL.

GrizzBabe said...

Get Over It = Repressing one's feelings until it doesn't hurt anymore.

Sometimes getting over it, REALLY getting over it, is a most unpleasant process that takes time.