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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"We Can Rebuild Him ..."

"Educators must remember that learning occurs within each individual as a continual process throughout life. People learn at different speeds, so it is natural for them to be anxious or nervous when faced with a learning situation...

"Learning results from stimulation of the senses. In some people, one sense is used more than others to learn or recall information."

-By Stephen Lieb

By asking for help, I realized what kind of learner I am. I learn by example. That was my leading premise, but I didn't know it was common. I'd heard it, but I didn't connect the dots.

When I was a tyke, there was a point where I said to myself that I didn't need anyone else. I was wrong, as tykes often are--what with their limited life-experience to draw from.

Well, I'm not a tyke anymore. I'm a grown-ass man.

This Sunday, I went to the Power store and loaded my cart. They were having a two-for-one sale. "Take back your Power and get Responsibility for free," the advert sang. So I maxed out my card and took back as much power as I could load my car down with.

I don't know what in the last year was the exact combination of what I've seen, what I've heard, what I've read, and who told me what, but I got it. This part of the journey is done.

I'm smarter. I've learned that I still have the capacity to grow. My brain is good with information and I know how to use it. I'm smarter because now I recognize that about myself. I'm a smart guy.

I'm tougher. I can live through stuff. I've survived stuff. I am surviving stuff. Nastybad stuff. And here I type to tell you that I'm still a viable adult human being on the serious come-up.

I'm wiser. I can apply the facts and get results. I can compare the experiences in people's lives and accurately predict the outcomes for a dozen more. I can give good advice and I can take good advice.

This is not an exercise in positive thinking. This is me.

I like me.

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