When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Sunday, June 3, 2007

And Now, In Technicolor ...

... my vacation, that is.

Located here.

Enjoy! :)


Irishgirl said...

Aww where's your pic!! :) I wanted to see the man himself, curiousity killed the cat huh.

Alan said...

My pic is there. In the first series of Hollywood pics. I'm standing next to the stone lion at Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

I'm 5'7", 190 lbs. I look like a barrel, it's true. I try to deny it, but I fear I shall never be one of those narrow-hipped stallions that makes the hearts of both women and men go pitter-patter.

I will, however, lose another 15 lbs by Summer's end. I will flatten my stomach even more, and this I know is true because it's flatter now than it was last year this time.

And yup. I'm black. As the night.


Irishg said...

how did I miss ya. very nice. thanks. you don't look like a barrel at all.

Alan said...

"Very nice" she said.

Did ya'll hear that? With that Irish accent too? mmm-MMM. :)

Don't mind me, Ma'am. I'll learn how to accept compliments one of these ol' days.

But still, I'm tempted to post a shirtless photo, because dangit, I swear I think I'm better looking when I'm shaving than any single pic of me that exists anywhere out there at all ever.

But as I've already established, I'm a little delusional at times. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Darlin', we love your delusions.