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Thursday, June 21, 2007

See? No So Interesting Now ...

... without my problems. :)

Yeah, actually, the problems are there, but I'm not as worried about them right now.

I'm mostly concerned with matters that don't actually concern me. For instance, I have to wait for the check-collector of the place where I want to live to return before I know for sure that I'm moving into his crib. So I'm impatient about that. He's been gone for longer than a week and I don't remember how long he said he'd be gone. But I left him a message, and he should be calling as soon as he turns his phone on.

Number Two, my desktop seems to have died. It turns on but does not boot. And I swear, I smelled ozone when I had turned it on. Fortunately, I have this laptop which I've started working all my important hobbies on, so all that I've lost--if I should choose to let it stay lost, is my collection of music, my Season One and Two on the new Doctor Whos, and the ability to play City of Heroes without having to buy the new set of discs.

Everything else on the laptop, I could afford to leave alone.

Oh. Wait.

The novel is on there. Whoops.

Okay so I'll find a way to access the harddrive and extract the files. There is a way?


Oh, and no therapy this week. I had too many meetings to attend at work and couldn't squeeze a session in. But I'm holding onto the two things I picked up there--
1) There's lots of space between All Bad and All Good.
2) Some people may have gotten to their goals by pretending they were what they wanted to be--until they became it.

And so far, my "listener feedback" has added--
1) Shut out the negative, self-condemning voices
2) Let what excites me drive me on to strength.

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