When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So That Was Alright Then

Another of my geek friends now knows me for what I am (see last post) and he's still treating me the same. He even said, I don't care if its with a man, woman or beast--why are you still single?

Well I certainly am feeling the singleness these days, femme tell ya. And I realize that I've been doing something...semisneaky. The flirting I do online with the menfolk...I'm trying to seduce somebody. Essentially. One of these fantastically brilliant and comicbook loving men. The handsome ones. I want to discover, with my flirting, that they feel like I do. And that at some comic convention soon, on one of these rendezvous, our eyes will meet across a spinner rack of Fantastic Four and we'll fall in love.

That's just not been the reality though. All my geek brethren love fish. And the three that I know to be gay are not my type. Even tho one of them shaves his head.

Enter stage left; Christmas 2009 and the death of one of my closer geek buddies.

Add to it the limbo of that 2nd job still not giving me the job yet plus the sun going down at 4:25p in the frickin m, and you have one sad little panda who feels very alone these days.


The Neighbor said...

It seems to be finally getting through to you that YOU being gay or bi or whatever doesn't have ANY effect on me, or that other guy, or that other fellow. We are all who we are, independent of one anothers' assessments.

The short take - don't try to seduce a straight guy. Ii won't work, and might actually backfire. Straight guys are notoriously sexually insecure. Don't go there.

Me said...

Dude, I'm not a 46 year old virgin fer nuthin'. I couldn't seduce my way out of a brown paper bag.

But I do see myself holding the door open for the gents to come in. They just are not coming in.

So I will stop expecting them to. It's just a case of What a Fool Believes. And too, I love these guys for what they are. The second they changed to have some awkward, embarrassing dalliance with MY fat ass--betraying a wife or shattering the home and security of their kids--I'd lose all sorts of respect for them anyway. Probably.

I like being a dude, but if I HAD to have these attractions, I'd much rather have been born a girl.

Now THAT would have ROCKED. Except maybe I would have been a ho.