When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Saturday, December 5, 2009

On the fly...

Well here I am in rainy, downtown Williamsburg, Brooklyn, looking for Hunky Comics Geek. I'ma give myself some credit because I did come out of the house when most of me was ready to stay inside. All day. I went to the venue and had a walk around. The need for bathroom was a marvellous motivator. And well, I didn't see him. And my coward's heart rejoiced. So then I found no internet/phoneservice in the venue and left in search of the same plus lunch. I find I like Williamsburg. Yummy lunch.

And I'll go back to the venue and see what more I can find. Or who.


Me said...

Sorry for the absence of comments temporarily. I posted that from my phone and I guess I touched the "Don't Allow" in my window before I got it to publish.

Anyhoo, the venture was a washout. I never saw the Hunk. And I didn't stick around too long because there was no adquate perch for crowd viewing. I did give it the additional scan over after lunch.

Then a comic nerd friend wanted me to meet up with him in the city after he failed to get some trim from some chick he was visiting, so we did that. Which was nice. Unfortunately, he's one of the folks who think I'm Richard Roundtree as Shaft, who's a baaaaad *shut cho mouf!* so I couldn't share this with him like I'm doing here and now. But it did keep my mind off being sad.

Because, yes, just a little sad I am.

Coaster Punchman said...

It's always exciting to check in and see what has been up with you, Alan.