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Monday, August 4, 2008

California Dreamin'

So here is where you can find my pics of my vacation.

Thanks to My Hero, I can't think of anything but happiness when I think of California. Not that I'll move out there anytime soon. I'm a New Yorker, born and bred. But for vacation spots--yeah. The bestest ever! (Until I get in swimsuit shape and take my first trip to a tropic island).

As to the Crazy Plane Girl tally, Dawn has tilted the seesaw into the "RUN!!!" category. Which was my inclination at the start. Which is why I asked for advice, in case it was just me being the unmedicated me. And which is why I haven't called her, with or without advice. Too many warning flags. She needs me in a professional capacity, not a personal one--and still, no. I'm not the only therapist on the east coast.

Thanks all! Enjoy the pics!


A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Can I just be Psychlocke for a few hours?

Alan said...

I'm betting you already are.

The Neighbor said...

Well, I won't second guess you, but I'm in the nothing-ventured camp overall. That said, yeah, on review, she's a nutter, and you're probably at the very least somewhat less likely to contract something embarrassing or dangerous this way.

I think once you set foot in California, you catch it like herpes and have it forever. So welcome to the club. I'm not mellow enough to live there.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Did I see that you brought that possibly scabby infested phone number with you??? =) YOU'RE CRAZY!! What happened to tipping the scales? Ok ok....really, if you're feeling it, for real now, and it didn't just take about five days to muster up liking the idea, then shoot - who are we to stop you??? You deserve to have a good time!

Of course you deserve to also not become another health department statistic, so buddy - you better play safe! Full body condom!

Now have fun!

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Oops. That first sentence looks like Harsh Advanced. Sorry about that!!! Kiss kiss hug hug....! Will I get kicked off the blogroll? =)

Alan said...

"Harsh Advanced" :-))

Secola'sSpace said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Not completely up to speed on the Crazy Plane Girl, but all I need to know is if she needs you in a professional capacity, why would you want her in a personal one?

Unless you already know the worst, so how bad can it be?