When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Saturday, September 22, 2007


When I lived in Trenton, I worked out in the same gym where the following guy did;
I knew his name was Remy, but that's about it. Pretty cool that he's made it to the cover of THE premiere muscle mag, and was staring back at me as I browsed my Barnes & Nobles comicbooks on my break last week.

In that same gym, this following guy, at the same time, worked out there too;

That's Ty Treadway. I've posted about that experience at the old blog. Both Ty and Remy, at different times, exchanged that "What's up, dude" head nod with me on at least one occasion -- each.

I'll be signing autographs between 2 and 7 pm at the B&N on Lincoln Center. '.'

Meanwhile, good looking men, right? Go on and admit it. ;-))


GrizzBabe said...


Alan said...


Little Wing said...

Remy is TOO ripped for my taste.
Ty is good looking in that cute little boy way that would make me wanna pinch his cheeks (facial) I suppose.
I prefer men who look rugged and masculine, not cute.

Shesawriter said...

Oh, God. I lusted after that guy when I used to watch soap operas. I think he was a villain but I didn't care. LOL!

S* said...

Remy is too much of a muscle head and the other guy is cheesy looking.

Annette said...

They are both very handsome!