When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I began to grow ill night before last, while at B&N. I felt it settle into my throat as though I had walked through a cloud of it. But I went to work yesterday morning, performed some necessary assistant director-type functions, then went to B&N last night.

And left early.

I'm not mortally ill, but when I parked my car on the correct side of the street last night, giving me immunity from tickets today if I didn't move it, I knew I would have a blessedly late morning.

So here I am at home, it's Noon, and I'm blowing my nose and blogging. I will soon dress, however, and go to work. Then I will re-dress and go to B&N tonight. Because tomorrow's Friday and because such a thing exists as Dayquil. I'm almost off for two days without guilt. I might as well go in and "get this paper" (translation; "make this money").

Meanwhile, hello to all my new blogger buddies! I'm honored that you're coming 'round to check me out! Mona, you've got amazing tales to tell. Eye-opening, other-culture type tales! I'll be back to read you too, and will be continually thinking good thoughts your way

Again LittleWing, thank you for the recognition. One day I'll blog about how the last few days, apart from the illness, had been a major downer and full of the potential to knock me out for the count until your award came along.


Scott said...

Nice to see your picture below. Quite a comment stream you have going there. I get it how you can not hate whites while hating the imbalance of power they possess. You're right, never forget. But don't let it eat you up either.

Alan said...

There's me!

Not letting it eat me up is one of the least of my struggles as long as I continue to know quality Caucasians who give a damn. I number every commenter here as one of these.

It's a relief, frankly.