When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Monday, May 2, 2011

When No Means ... Nothing

Wherein our hero hasn't heard from Blacks Only in more than a week, even though he had said he was still interested and that we'd do something before I left town last weekend. Mayhaps he was very, very busy. Mayhaps he chanced upon a better-looking man than I. Mayhaps I don't want it enough or else I'd pursue him more.

Because right now, I don't want it. I spent the weekend geeking out with my long distance friends at a meetup convention in PA. I had a great time answering no questions and being accepted. Knowing this familiar comfort made me want to stay single, celibate, and safe. I feel it right now as I'm typing. It'll change again and we'll see what I'll do when it does, but right now Blacks Only need not get back to me. Neither do that dozen or so gorgeous hairy chesty men I came across and dropped letters to and received no responses.

Ah life. You been mighty cruel but you're all I got.

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