When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NYC 2, ME 0

Welp, NYC claimed another of my cars, but this tragic tale started in NJ, honestly. Back when I had my accident and needed a new car, it was clear that my credit was shot 8 ways to hell and no sane person would extend me credit without something exhorbitant and rapey. So I got my car. 3.15 years later I've paid 14K on it and still have 10K to go. The hope was that I'd start making enough money to pay the principal off on the car loan early.

Well that didn't happen.

Then I moved to NYC and then I got the dicey job I have now, and then took the supervisor's position, then gave it back, then the car got towed ... and towed ... and ticketed ... and ticketed ... and towed ... and finally towed again two weeks ago. Just when my finances bottomed out.

So not only can I not afford just to maintain the car in an openly hostile driving environment (I'd love to meet the person who owns a car in NYC and has never gotten a ticket for anything.), but I can't afford the car itself. Insurance + car payment + gas + repair/maintenance equals a broke and despairing Me.

So I told the Toyota finance company to take the car -- I no longer can afford it. "Voluntary Surrender" they call it. 150 pts put on my credit to be reflected for the next 7 years, they warned. Okay, whatever, thank you ma'am. I can't afford the car anymore. And in all truth, I never needed it the moment I moved into NYC. Every dime I spent on it, except in the service of my clients, was a waste and a delay on my saving money and being able to get my own place, one prepaid-yearly lease at a time.

So in the next few paychecks, I'll know where I stand. Will it be just enough to only pay rent to this guy I live with, or will there be some savings this time around?

We'll see.

In other news, My First Man Date checked-up on me through e-mail. It was confirmed--I DID see him that night in Williamsburg when I was with my hetero Con Buddy. I told him everything I had felt and he put on his "I Understand" hat. And he's no longer in the relationship he was in. And he's been with guys since. And he's definitely not the one for me. I get the feeling he's pursuing me now because I'm the one that got away. Soon as he's had me, he'll be on his merry way and I'll never hear from him again. But for right now, he doesn't want me -- he wants us to be each other's wingmen at a gay bar. Although he doesn't know where because he says he doesn't go to them. Also, he doesn't drink, and to his recollection, neither do I (which has been true in the last two weeks. I've fallen out of love with the idea and the sour taste in my stomach started to annoy me.)

So I might do that, although I'm not eager. It still feels awkward to go out with a guy I rejected, even though he insists it's friendship only. I mean, I AM a guy. I know how we think. And too, I don't want to watch men in a gay bar dancing. That's not attractive to me.

So yeah. A little down at the mo. Treating my clients has become all the life-affirmation I can muster up lately, and that's not so bad. I'm still helping people deal with their lives, regardless of how badly I manage to keep fucking mine up. That'll have to serve for self-esteem at the moment.


GrizzBabe said...

Take courage and know you are not alone in your financial struggles. Mine are a mess. But, like you, I know I'll recover someday. Thankfully, bad credit doesn't kill you.

Me said...

Haha, yeah. If it did, I'd have been in my grave 20 years now.

Coaster Punchman said...

"Soon as he's had me, he'll be on his merry way and I'll never hear from him again."

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of dating guys! ;)

Erica M said...

I surrendered my $700 monthly note + insurance as well. You're not alone. My city has no public transportation, so I'm inside most of the time waiting for the weekly trip to the store with my parents. Yep, I'm 12 years old again. This time with 3 kids.

You'll get through it all intact.

Me said...

CP, I so desperately want one of these muscley dudes who keep giving me the eye at Gay Church. (Which I've learned is a term for the gym from a gay comicbook friend). How do I get one of them without knowing if they're gay or not? And what is that thing some guys do in the lockerroom when they're huffing and puffing all loud and obnoxious, as though their towels weigh 80 libs? Is that some sign? What's the appropriate response??

The world of dating guys sucks. I dunno how women do it.

Fringes, girl, you're right. We do what we gotta do, don't we? They want us to believe the American Dream is obtainable by the average citizen but fuck them. This stuff is hard and that's all there is to it. And too bad on them -- we ain't going NOWHERE whether we make it or not. They just better hope we DO.