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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Last Day on Earth?

So in about twenty minutes, I will have a client return to me who stopped a few months ago because I made him quite angry. He was handling his life best way he could but he was growing dangerous. Crossing physical boundaries. Not with me, but with someone who he said he loved.

Well, I felt like I did my job. Time comes when you have to confront something which is just wrong. My conscience won't let me do otherwise. I'm very very supportive, but I know when enough is enough.

Now I look forward to his return. But I can't imagine why he's coming back. Unless it's because he realizes he needed to be confronted and he trusts that I will serve in his best interest, just the way I had done before.

Either that, or he's coming here today to kill me.

I will surely let you know one way or the other. Because if I die, you'll never hear from me again. And in that case there are things I want to say.

I did the best I could with what I had.

I helped people.

I loved God.

And I was tired anyway. I wasn't looking forward to the struggle ahead of me. These last days have only been about trying to repair the damages that I had done to myself. The damages that others had done, well ... I had to live with it.

And I loved all of you. You helped ME.

Life was so much better for having you guys in it.

Thank all of you.


So if I'm going out, I'm ready. Hope it doesn't hurt too much, lol.

Look for the news of a midtown therapist's slaying in NYC on 4/24 some time between 5-6 EST. I mean, I'm ready to go, but lets not let him get away with murdering me, y'know? He might do it again to someone not as fabulous as I was.

But I'm ready.

Hopefully I'll see yas on the other side some day.

EDIT: An hour later, oddly, I live. It was clearly another torturous suggestion from Worst Case Scenario Man. I'm not only glad to say that I'm alive, but that the client trusted me enogh to come back for help.

Take that, WCSMan.


GrizzBabe said...

I'm glad you're still alive!

The Neighbor said...

Man, this post gave me the willies when I saw it was from yesterday - I hadn't reached the postscript, and I was, in fact, about to check out the news feeds from the big apple.

Murder, despite Law and Order, is incredibly rare. It's not rational to expect it or fear it - 6/100000 according to the FBI, are at risk of murder. You have better odds with lottery scratch cards.

As for murderboy - you probably told him a hard truth he didn't want to hear, and I can't speak for him, but when someone is bold enough to tell me what I'm straining to ignore, it makes an impact - he knew you were there to help, not to coddle him or build him up. He wants that help.

And as for your existentialist crisis, have you ever considered the other side of the couch? We, your readers, offer y9ou something, but I'm certainly not a trained therapist, just an interested third party.

Just a thought.

God loves you too, and so do I.


Alan said...

Thanks Grizz, and thank you Ned. I've missed reading that from you. You know the sentiment is returned.

Coaster Punchman said...

What GB said.