When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I re-discovered that I like to be alone--at times. But of course, who doesn't? But on Sunday and Monday, in the wake of this nice new opportunity to quit all my whining, I didn't re-open conversation opportunities (no texting, no nothing) with The Past Girl. I thought of doing it, of course, but I just didn't.

On Sunday I went movie-crazy, alone. I bought a ticket to a 1:00 show AND a 4:20 show down on Broadway. It sometimes takes me a little effort just to see one by myself, but I went boogity-boogity down for a two-fer. I saw PUSH and CORALINE. I liked them both.

Mind you, this was the day AFTER me and Childhood Bud went to see Soul Samurai. Saturday night he had soundly scolded me about blogging that I had a pang of loneliness whenever I left my friends to return to my Alone Life. Well, let me tell you, on Sunday, I had no such pangs. It didn't occur to me to call The Past Girl to see if she wanted to hang out, nor to call anyone else. It was just One Of Those Days.

This again reminds me of My Ned. When I get the opportunity to have someone in life, I seem to begin to value the opportunity NOT to. And when I have no opportunities, I seem to want nothing BUT.

But then again, I think we all have that in common.

It's called the Greener Grass Syndrome.

Still, I think I want rather than want not.

So I spoke to The Past Girl today about work, and she ended the call with an invite to tell her about my weekend.

And I will do that.

Because I like the sound of her voice.


Scott said...

My wife and I both read Stardust and saw the movie last night (speaking of Neil Gaiman). I'm not sure why I'm always blown away by the unnecessary changes Hollywood makes to perfectly good stories. And some of the casting decisions I can't understand. The movie was such a stretch from the story; I just hope Coraline wasn't more of the same.

Glad to hear that you are feeling good about being alone. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I met my wife in just such a time of my life. Good things happens when you can live with yourself.

Eliel Mamousette said...

Hey, I didn't scold you about blogging about the pangs of loneliness, what I said was you're not the only one who gets pangs of insta-nostalgia when leaving friends after hanging out.

Just wanted to clarify that.

Alan said...

Scolded me, I tell you! SCOLDED!! =p

Alan said...

Scott, Coraline is an animatrony thing, so you won't have to worry about casting. I didn't even know what it was until I read Neil Gaiman's tweets about it being released and how excited he was to see it. He seemed to have no problems with the cinematic version, and then he went and won the Newbury award so his tweets were taken over by that.

And I do remember the circumstances you were under when you met your wife. It's entirely possible that I'm in exactly the same. My challenge now is to break my cycle of avoidance and do something about it. I find I hold onto the memories of that day when I realized The Past Girl is practically perfect for me, and I don't seem to want to mess it up with reality. But I did just call her site to speak with her, but she was busy. So I'll try again later. Or she might call me because I left a message.

I do know this; if she's willing then we're going to have a relationship. It feels just that natural.

Alan said...
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