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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Geekfest Day Two

Better than I feared.

On Day Two of the Geekfest, I took a slow boat downtown and had a Disillusion Hangover from the day before. The sharp edges of the hangover had been dulled by the personable time I had with Transplanted Geek and I thought I would just placate myself with that.

I was to meet up with MFTD (yes that "MFTD." There's a reason he's "MF--") at the Con for Day Two, but he was going to meet with his brother and I had the impression that he wanted to hang with family, but it turned out that I was wrong. So after a nice hour or so of isolation and self-pity, I caught back up to MFTD, his brother, and his brother's friend--just in time for My Hero's Posse Geek to call me and get cut loose from his responsibilities for the day, and we all went to a new diner on the West side not too far from the Javitz. And we had a great time!

MFTD and his brother and brother's friend were done for the evening, but I was not. So I took My Hero's Posse Geek (him I know through My Hero's fanclub) to the big dinner planned for Saturday night where I hoped I'd run back into Mr. Fantastic and The Human Torch.

And we did. And the pictures shall now commence.

However, let me point you attention to the following one taken by another geek, which has now served to be the single most effective method of getting me back on my diet and to never. Again. Get. Off. It.

Plaintiff's Exhibit A (Click on it for the full pic);

Yeah, that's me in the red shirt with white stripes. On 2/7/09. And yeah, I'm back over 200 lbs. again. And yeah, I've been packing away the sugar again. Because yeah, I've been depressed again. So yeah, the last few months have been a vacation in the key islands of Sucksville. And yup, I'm going to need help waddling my ass to the gym again and stopping the white mocha lattes and the strawberry coolattas and the slices of coconut cake.

But aside from that how ya like my long grey sideburns? Sexy, right? Across from me is a nice guy from Colorado, but to his left is Mr. Fantastic and to Mr. Fantastic's left is The Human Torch--the two guys that in my last post I chiefly wanted to get to know. (And to my right is My Hero's Posse Geek)

And they like me. A lot!

Mr. Fantastic called me "family" and gave me a big hug. The Human Torch sent me a PM the next day and told me he enjoyed meeting me, then told all the folks at our messageboard that I was a lot shorter and more quiet than he expected (because as you all know, when I'm typing, I know how to truly CUT THE FOOL) but after he got to know me, I was as funny and as nice as I was online.

And this is the part where I do some introspection.

I need people. I need affection. I need love in any form. When I listen to podcasts, I'm listening to guys (and gals) who express opinion, facts, and personality. These to me are the composite components of what makes us US. The expression of our souls comes out in our art and in our words. Podcasters are expressionists of the highest order. You hear the sound of their voices, their laughter, and sometimes their tears. You hear their anger, their doubts, their frustrations, their fears. Like any talk format, you feel a bond form. But of course, them being on the other end of distance, time, and a microphone prevents the relationship form being two-way.

And isn't the same to be said about blogging?

And as Grizzbabe and Fringes and Q can attest, you can fall in love with someone who you only know by the words they type or the one-way conversation they might be having through a podcast. The trick is in trying to turn that one-way into a two-way.

Well, on Day Two of the Geekfest, I turned the one-way into a face-to-face two-way. And it helps me feel--good. And that's all I want. I just want to feel good. I'm taking a med to smooth away the edge of fear, and now I want some friends I can count on. Ultimately, I know I'm responsible for my own happiness. I know none of these guys, including MFTD, should feel obligated to make me feel loved or accepted. As none of you dear readers are obligated as well. But I'm not going to lie or even pretend.

I love it when you do. And I love you. This is what humanity is all about.

And I'm human.


GrizzBabe said...

For the record, I'd hardly call your physical state in that picture cause to run frantically to the gym, but that's just me.

Speaking of diets, have I told you that I've lost 35lbs? Sadly, there are many more pounds to go.

Alan said...



Child, I would not know how to ACT!!!!!

Congratulations, Grizzbabe!! Sounds like your next career is being a lingerie (sp?) model!!