When I Need A Pick Me Up, by my friend Ryan King

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Before I Run Out The Door ...

...heh. NYC Marathon was today. So my title is funny. But not what I meant.

I'm going to Brooklyn to the convention that totally snuck up on me this year. I've been sick like dog for the past two days, and I cancelled all of yesterday's appointments, and this mornings'. And I had this afternoon's cancel on me, so I was suddenly freed up.

Freed up to go to this Brooklyn convention.

Which just happens to be the place I saw THIS GUY (pictured).
Which is right now the absolute only reason I'm going back to this place.

So I wanted to say that yes, if I find this guy today, I'm going to talk to him and see what's what.

And if he's gay, and available, and likes me, then I am ready to tear the door off my closet and get on with My Life As A Gay Man.

Otherwise, it'll be business as usual, which I will be blogging about undoubtedly. Just not as much.

Wish me luck.



Well, romantically, it was a bust. I haven't seen the Dream Hunk since the last Brooklyn Convention, despite all the conventions I've been to between then and now. He's gone. Practically forever, as far as I need to be concerned. It was already a big chance that someone as gorgeous as him would be 1) single 2)available 3)gay and 4)attracted to me. I interpreted those looks he kept giving me as a 'come hither' glance, but whatever. Even if he wanted me then, I wasn't really ready. A year later I think I am, but I'm probably not really. I mean, I'm like a teenage girl holding out for Brad Pitt to leave Angelina. Foolish. Picky and foolish. (For the record, Brad Pitt is not my type. Too much lip-meat.)


Still nothing.

Wait, a little something ... my First Man Date reached out to me again a few days ago and I didn't respond. Prolly because I want this all to go away and I do want to retreat into my shell. Which is what he suspects. And you see, the 'want to' is very powerful. Like every one of my female dates/girlfriends have done, I need one of these gorgeous hunky men to approach me. And for that to happen, I have to be where they are. Which means a gay bar, which I've learned exists within walking distance. Or a gay society club. Or ... whatever. This is just ridiculous. Stupid stupid stupid.



GrizzBabe said...

Sorry about missing out on the Dream Hunk. Hopefully there's another dream hunk in your future.

Shades of Scorpio said...

Checking in on ya to see how things are!!! I sure would love to see your ship come barreling in and soon! Will be hoping, and wishing...and praying...LOL, as the song goes!!!